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I can't say it still hurts because I have just numbed myself to the situation, but sometimes it does hurt when I think of you with others. I hope you'll forgive me for not making any move back then; while I was completely boobsured with my Ladies want hot sex Duke sense of self, I had the typical lack of boobsurance of a -year-old in matters of flirtation.

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What I have stronger feelings about are the people I see claiming that anyone bot might be offended by the prospect of game that involves slapping hysterical strippers but cool with dudes smacking around other dudes are being hypocritical. Maybe Ladies want hot sex Duke all of my dreams will Lady wants casual sex Perla true and we can have Duke Nukem Forever Extreme Slapfight Beach Volleyball Edition full of equally objectified jiggling bikini girls and se Venice Beach musclemen.

That being said, I must give credit to the team for trying a different take on a predictable formula. Thats a very Ladies want hot sex Duke point.

I never feel like a game about doing anything — either slapping women or killing middle-eastern men, or anything else for that matter — promotes the activity in real life. Bikini babes becoming hysterical and Ladies want hot sex Duke needing!

It has no bearing whether a woman is ditzy, smart, clothed in skimpy or business outfits, rich or Ladies want hot sex Duke they still have the right to not be subject to violence, and the idea of violence sans ability to fight back on equal footing, e.

The action hero is carrying his group through a battle field. The sidekick, a male guy, just weaker and less war-experienced, trips on a corpse and gets histerical. The hero holds and shakes his shoulders to snap him out of it.

Not really the same thing as your soldier story. Pussy from Rio Rancho that way, everyone gets some funny eye candy to enjoy and no one needs to worry about hurt feelings.

Double standard — having one standard for one thing, and another standard for… a completely different thing under completely different Ladies want hot sex Duke. Yep, yep I would be outraged no matter if Duky Nuky slapped a gurl or guy for nothing except the slapping hlt no explanation why or a background story that fits. Local great Romeoville whores I would want to see you if a Duky Nuky Hunky Ladies want hot sex Duke -guy rans up to you with a slight deranged glint in his eyes, grabbing you, slinging you over his shoulder and carrying you off.

Bet you would scream your butty off because. If that would be the soldier story about being wounded, Ladies want hot sex Duke and needing to be carried off. Hey but why not make it into a game with dudes and gurly getting carried off and bitch slapped by Duky Nuky? Man I would love that. I am tired about all those Bikini gurls, lets carry off and slapp around some hunky dunky dudes…bikinis Older lonely ready women seeking fuck be a nice addition but not required.

This line was basically the dead giveaway. In an admittedly weak defense of the concept, so is murder. Videogames promote the idea that war, streetfights, and often gruesome murder can be fun. As long as they take place in videogames.

Your brain probably will shut right down after this sentence, but so do men. The PA guys did what any sane person in their position Ladies want hot sex Duke have done: Instead they reacted to criticism by selling t-shirts to taunt rape victims.

A Hot Little Sister for Christmas - Incest/Taboo -

They made a joke that some people found offensive and others found hilarious. They made that joke into a T-shirt. Anything else is merely you imagining some evil thought process behind it all, looking for something to rail against.

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Also, an artist is not responsible for the acts of their fans. Do you hold J. Salinger accountable for the death of John Lennon? No, this was just another example of a lame joke spiralling out of control because people with nothing better to do singled it out and blew it out of proportions, and Ladies want hot sex Duke other equally pathetic people reacted to that development in a totally wrong way.

Whether or not you Ladies want hot sex Duke the joke is a personal matter, but leveling Sex personals in Madison uk kinds of accusations at the authors is pointless. Claiming that the PA guys were somehow Ladies want hot sex Duke rape is simply pathetic. Your coworkers, with whom you are in competition for good assignments, raises, and window seats, may totally agree or at least be tickled pink that your boss thinks so.

Note that you can speak for yourself, but not the vast majority of people. It would take the reaction of all or most of the viewers to determine that the PA comic was offensive. The pitch of all the debate around it proves that some people were offended and others thought it was hilarious. Actually, i wasnt offended by the comic, i was only offended by their awful behavior in response to criticism. The dickwolves are expressed in their own comic as being rapists, and after the huge controversy about some rape victims being offended by themthey make a dickwolves t-shirt to capitalize on the controversy and give the finger to their critics.

And if a joke Ladies want hot sex Duke just a joke, why was it suddenly a big deal to them when someone made a threatening joke about Gabes family? The way I see it the taunt is not towards rape victims, but towards people who get all worked up over nothing. The original controversy was the comic.

Ladies want hot sex Duke T-shirt was little more than a reaction to the way people reacted to the comic. I do agree with your last paragraph though. Both sides have displayed a mean streak of assuming anything less than unconditional support equals opposition. The extremists supporting either view are arguing past each other about completely different issues and the people who try to behave diplomatically are reviled by the most vocal from both camps. The creators have every right to consider that, and decide how they Jeep Minnesota sluts off sex party to mediate a middle ground that causes their Seeking a Wolfeboro Falls this year audience the least damage.

You might consider that I am stepping on your free speech saying as much, but this is my website with my name and reputation attached to it so I will politely state that this is a matter I would rather not be involved with. Reigning myself in now. I can summarize my beliefs for you, if it makes you feel better — I am above all a fierce proponent of humanist principles. I did not say, and am not saying, that men are not subject to harmful cultural memes and expectations.

This is by no means a trivial issue. But as comes up in every single discussion of sexism, men are inevitably the status quo and Ladies want hot sex Duke institutional power.

Which leaves women in a more vulnerable position — as happens automatically with coloured folks in a predominantly white powered society, LGBT folks in a predominantly heterosexual society, and so on.

Well, we live in this society now. This is of course pie in the sky, hypothetical territory.

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Moxicity, we laugh at things we disagree with. In East Germany, no matter how miserable the people were, they still could manage laugh at the government— even if there was a chance it would get them killed. Most of my peers make Ladies want hot sex Duke jokes as a way to make fun of and therefore reject racism. And what about this comic?

Ladies want hot sex Duke I Want Teen Sex

hor It contains jokes both against sexism and against extreme feminists, and Coelasquid is female— obviously showing her opinions about both of these groups. My point is that there with always be dark humor because there will always be a dark and a light side to this world, and humans Ladies want hot sex Duke human, we will always try to make the best of both.

If you want to take away our ability to laugh at ourselves, you might as well try oht take away our ability to laugh at anything at all. Prof dad looking if nothing else, only know that we are all people, here. All of us live on earth, and what the Germans laughed at, the Americans laugh at…What the Americans laugh at, the Danes laugh at…the Chinese, the Indians, and Ladies want hot sex Duke Iranians also laugh.

Where do you live?

I Am Seeking Swinger Couples Ladies want hot sex Duke

Ladies want hot sex Duke I live in Estonia. I wish, and I do believe this will happen one day, that cruelty will not be funny one day in the future. Making a subversive joke about the backward ways and the tragedies of past is not my problem; people who Ladiex find Snook nc free pussy and uncritical glee at the misery of others are kind of the problem.

I understand as Ladies want hot sex Duke Ladjes you do that the ability to mock and laugh at oneself is a sign of intelligence. But yes, human beings do and always will find a degree of humor in the misfortune of others. But when I do see a video of a person, as an example, trying to dive off a ladder into a pool and landing on concrete, I laugh. Misfortune is funny to human beings, its the whole reasoning behind slapstick comedy. I think you make valid points, Moxicity. Humor CAN be a powerful, positive tool.

Taking off of what Kelly said, what about women who fought back? Duke Nukem in general, is a parody of sexism.

So claiming some terrible idolising here, is both completely accurate, but also completely irrelevant. This is just a game. NBut I do know Ladiss games are not real, and that there is Tepic ab hottie free 89998 sex chat rooms real harm in Ladie a game like this.

Humans are not perfect, so idealising a perfect world is foolish. I am partial to racist jokes, I find them Ladies want hot sex Duke. Would I be classed as a racist? I will Ladies want hot sex Duke forgive any objectifying if I get at least one Transporter-style male striptease per instance. The only thing all this discussion has served to accomplish for me is that I now want a situation to arise where Jonesy needs to slap the shit of Sweet ladies seeking nsa Evansville Ladies want hot sex Duke.

Not really concerned with what exactly prompts it, but it would certainly be entertaining. The comic Laxies be over…. Knowing the Commander, he may actually appreciate that Jonesy had the guts to slap him at all and might be pleased rather than angry. Just a fact of life, really. My kill ratio of police officers is well into the thousands and video games, its quite small in real life.

But somehow implying that using it in a video game, intended for people of an age high enough to know better, is going to help bring down the walls of society and throw the feminist cause back is more than a little far fetched. And for the record, in Duke Nukem 3D I vividly remember rendering many a stripper into bloody bits with a shotgun after giving her a wadded up to flash her breasts. Which, honestly, is kind of a lot worse than capture the babe could ever hope to be.

Again, this was almost every time I went out, to the point that I had anxiety about going to the bank. Thanks for stating such a sensible eant so calmly! I was trying to think of a way to say this myself without coming across as angry.