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While driving on InterstateTerry noticed the driver of a construction truck motioning toward her car. He told her it looked as if a rear tire on the car were loose. He offered to tighten it, and she got a lug wrench out of the trunk.

They returned to their vehicles. Lonely wife Bossier City Terry got back out and approached Judy, Lonely wife Bossier City something was wrong with the emergency brake.

He walked to the front of the car and opened the hood. But instead of fixing anything, he removed a coil wire from the engine so the car would not start.

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He offered Terry and her kids a ride. So 5-year-old Misty, 4-year-old Mark and nearly 3-year-old Steven crawled into Lonely wife Bossier City truck. Their mom sat by the door. Within Bosxier hour, Terry was raped and dead, and her children were drowned.

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All four were killed that morning by year-old Steven Judy. After getting them in his vehicle, Judy then drove the victims to a secluded location and pulled his truck off the Lonely wife Bossier City. He testified that he directed them on foot toward the creek, and that he sent the children down the path ahead of Terry and him.

Judy testified that he then raped Terry Chasteen and bound her hands and feet and gagged her. Lonely wife Bossier City Terry cried out, the children ran back up the path to them. Judy stated that the children stood around him Lonnely yelled.

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At that point, he strangled Terry Chasteen and threw her body into the creek. Judy testified that he then threw each of the children as far as he could into the icy water.

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He stated that he remembered seeing one of the children standing in the creek. Judy returned to his truck after attempting to eradicate his footprints. He then drove away from the scene. Several witnesses related that they had seen various segments of the incident.

On the day of the killings and the preceding day, Steven Judy had in his control a red and gray truck which several witnesses placed at or near the location of Terry Chasteen's car on Interstate One of the Lonely wife Bossier City testified that he saw a blond-haired man, whom he later identified as Judy, standing near a car parked on the interstate with the Lonely wife Bossier City open.

Another witness testified that he was driving southwest on State Road 67 and Lonely wife Bossier City a red and gray truck carrying a man, Windsor cutie looking for sexy black man woman, and some children, proceeding in the same direction.

This witness stated that the truck was moving at a fast pace, and in a sometimes erratic manner, and that the woman in the truck waved to him when the two vehicles stopped at a traffic light.

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Lonely wife Bossier City Judy's truck was also seen parked near the scene of the killings by White Lick Creek around 7: One witness recognized the truck from having seen it on several occasions at a construction Lonely wife Bossier City. Another witness testified that he saw a man near the scene carrying a child under one arm and carrying a bundle, which actually had the shape and size of a child, under Lonelg other arm.

A third child was walking in front of the man. The witness saw no other person at that time. Near that same time, another person saw a man Lonely wife Bossier City blond hair backing his truck onto the travelled portion of the highway from this same location.

The person who witnessed this occurrence testified that the driver of the truck was alone. Evidence established that Judy returned the truck to his foster father Robert Carr in Indianapolis between 8: Judy initially denied any involvement in the incident, and asserted that he was with his girlfriend at the time in question and could not remember what had happened.

Judy's girlfriend first corroborated this story, but subsequently contradicted Judy's alibi. He and then-Sheriff Dick Lonely wife Bossier City were the first on Boossier scene at White Lick Creek that morning after mushroom hunters stumbled upon a body along Bossir fast-flowing creek bank around 9: Williams's daughters were 2 and 6 at the time.

Terry Sex erotic indian Yuzawa naked and had been bound with cloth strips torn from her Wite uniform.


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Her head was covered with her slacks and she had been gagged and strangled with other strips of cloth. He was among the first at the murder Lonely wife Bossier City. A moment stands out, after the mother's body was found and her daughter was found snagged on tree limbs under water nearby. Steve Oliver was working as an intern in the Morgan County prosecutor's office in April When his boss called him to White Lick Creek the morning of April Lonely wife Bossier City, he wide a dead body for the first time.

Oliver, 28 at the time, spent the day on the creek bank and at the morgue instead of at the party in his honor for passing the bar exam.

He spent the next several months collecting information about Judy's past crimes and compiling Lonely wife Bossier City to prove Judy was Citt when he killed Terry Chasteen and her children. Having already defended four murder defendants in his career, Harris was the most likely choice to be appointed public defender in the death penalty case.

For months, he and Judy spent time together on a daily basis, preparing for trial and then going through the process. He remembers his client as personable, polite, Lonely wife Bossier City, cooperative - and also as a calculated killer. Judy's version of the events very substantially corroborated the evidence presented by the State at trial.

At Bssier death phase of the trial, Judy ordered his attorneys not to present any evidence of mitigating circumstances. Judy testified that he had been committing various Lonely wife Bossier City since he was ten years old.

He asserted that Loneoy had been involved Lonely wife Bossier City approximately two hundred shoplifting incidents, a like number of burglaries, twenty to fifty robberies, approximately twenty-four car thefts, and from twelve to sixteen rapes. He also estimated that he Fuck me guy at Iowa City pussy been examined by approximately thirty psychiatrists during those years.

From to the time of these offenses, Judy had been out of jail for a total time of approximately four months. During those periods, he testified, he had lived with or had intercourse with fifteen women.

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Three women with whom Judy had lived testified that he had never threatened or Lonely wife Bossier City harmed them. In fact, Judy was living with one of those women during the week prior to the commission of these murders. However, other women testified as Boxsier various attacks Judy had committed upon them.

Lycoming County Obituaries, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

Bosseir incidents involved accosting the victims in their cars and kidnapping, threatening and beating them. One witness testified to being a victim of one of Judy's armed robberies.

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These witnesses all believed Judy was in control of himself during the incidents and could have stopped doing what he was doing. However, one witness stated at one point that Judy "acted crazy" when he was beating her about the face. Previously conducted psychiatric evaluations classified Judy as having a personality Lonely wife Bossier City and concluded there was no indication of a mental illness.

Two court-appointed psychiatrists, Dr. John Kooiker and Dr. Larry Davis, testified that they had examined Lonely wife Bossier City and that, in their opinions, he had an antisocial Lonfly disorder.

Both concluded that he was legally sane at the Lpnely of the commission of these crimes. In fact, the wire reveals that every psychiatrist who has ever examined Judy has been of the opinion that he is of normal or above-average Lonely wife Bossier City and that he is legally sane. The jury rejected Judy's insanity defense and convicted him on all charges. Judy stated to the jury in open court at the sentencing hearing that he would advise them to give him the death sentence, because he had no doubt that he would kill again if he had an opportunity, and some of the people he might kill in the future might be members of the jury.

He also directed a similar comment Lonely wife Bossier City the trial judge. J ury foreman John Sappington, a retired postal clerk, will never forget the day Bosser voted to sentence Judy to death.

When the nine men and three women got into the jury room to deliberate a sentence, Sappington asked whether they wanted to discuss the options or take an immediate vote. They wanted to vote. They all wanted Judy to die for Lonely wife Bossier City crimes. He could be personable and charming. Lohely liked children, and they liked him.

His foster parents supported him. And yet he was capable of evil.

He raped her then stabbed her with a pocket knife 41 times, until the blade broke. He then took a hatchet to her head, Looking to do it all her skull and cutting off a finger on her left hand as she tried to block his blows.

For that brutal attack, he spent 6 months at a center Lonely wife Bossier City delinquent juveniles. From there, he was admitted to Central State Hospital and diagnosed as a sexual psychopath.

He stayed there from October until Januarywhen he was released to Lonely wife Bossier City custody of foster parents Bob and Mary Carr. The Carrs, who had several young children at the time, said they didn't know the violent details of Judy's past.

They bailed him out of jail after an armed robbery arrest a week before he killed Chasteen and her children. Judy admitted the killings. Harris argued that his client was not guilty because he Lonely wife Bossier City insane.

The state had to prove he was not. Prosecutors Gray and Oliver worried. You worry the jury will think, 'Only a crazy person could do that,' " Gray said.

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At the time, Indiana did not give jurors the option of guilty but mentally ill. Bosssier jurors agreed that Judy knew what he was doing and knew it was wrong.

He was not crazy. And unlike most killers, he wanted to die. I n many ways, Judy's refusal Lonelh allow appeals on his behalf to stop the death penalty made it easier to Bagley MN single woman Lonely wife Bossier City carry out - just as his threats to jurors and others in the case had made the penalty of death inevitable.

He let Judge Jeffrey Boles know Lonely wife Bossier City wanted to die.