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Rich women wanting sex lady at Kansas City

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This is a character who hooks up with a rich partner known as a Meal Ticket or Sugar Daddyspecifically to mooch off of said partner's money and status usually in exchange for sex. We use " she " because the digger is Ciy but not always female in modern shows, and often MUCH more attractive than her partner.

No Sex in the City: What It's Like to Be Female and Foreign in Japan — Vagabondish

Often Distracted by the Luxury quite easily. Generally stunningly beautifulto explain her success. Often a blonde whose hair is dyed.

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The gold digger who is deluding herself about her looks is a rarity. Once able to spend his money, she will be conspicuous about it.

Expect lots of evening dresses pimped out if older works, and simple ones in recent worksjewelry by the truckloadand at least a few furs. She may already have the Cool Car and Rich women wanting sex lady at Kansas City Fancy House her husband owns, but may buy her own of the former, and insist on redecorating the latter.

Many a gold digger would be happy to marry a man who is old or in bad health, just so long as he'd be so kind as to leave at least some of his inheritance to his spouse when he Single housewives seeking casual sex Torbay most aren't malignant enough to help that process along, but those who are willing to do so enter Black Widow territory.

A common subversion is to have her turn Rich women wanting sex lady at Kansas City to be a Hooker with a Heart of Gold after all. Another way that works play with this is to have a rich man Kajsas to be poor, so as to ensure that any woman he becomes Local guys in Chesapeake Virginia with loves him Rich women wanting sex lady at Kansas City himself and not his money.

Yet another way to play with it is to have her genuinely fall in wantng with her meal ticket. When it comes to interacting with people other than their Meal Ticketgold diggers are often extremely self-centered, vainmanipulative and bitchy Socialites with no other goal in Okeechobee tits ass life than pampering themselves and buying whichever catches their fancy.

Historically, this used to be the rule for both parties; back then the now-rare male "fortune hunters" were much more common stereotypically, sdx would woo young heiresses without parental protection or older women with money but no looks.

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This was particularly common in Victorian Britainas economic changes forced many Peers to face that their old way of life had become unsupportable particularly their country estates. Their primary source of income since the Middle Ages had been agriculture, but the main crop grain could be far more cheaply grown in the United States, Canada, Russia, and later Australia where land was abundant, and with steamships it could also be imported so cheaply the importers could undersell the aristocrats even though they were bringing the stuff from the far side of the world.

The economics were fairly similar regarding livestock a possible alternative to selling grainwith the U. Dead meat does not eat or poop. Wantlng aristocrats womne tried to "fix" their problem with protectionismbut this failed. Since that left only dairy and fruit-and-vegetable production as viable agricultural alternatives, and the British market could only absorb so much butter which Ireland was better for producing anyway and jam, Kannsas young British nobles married the daughters of self-made industrialists and merchants who had previously Rich women wanting sex lady at Kansas City seen as too low-class for the upper crust to marryparticularly American ones.

The Other Rich women wanting sex lady at Kansas City even has a list. By the 20th century the male Kanzas diggers almost disappeared except for more villainous rolesand middle-class women were now getting married to richer men, establishing the wojen image of this trope. A modern variant known as "FinDom", or Financial Dominationcouples this trope with BDSMwhere the wealthier partner acts esx the submissive, and is decidedly more up-front about it.

Another male variant exists in the Japanese Visual Kei subculture: Visual Kei artists, especially lifestylers or current or ex- Delinquentsare almost unemployable outside of their own industry in a culture dependent on conformity as a requisite of traditional Swinger teens of Semproniano partys. This is Older Than Steam.

Rich women wanting sex lady at Kansas City

Subtrope of Sleeping Their Way to the Top. Compare Rich Suitor, Poor Suitor. See also Trophy Wife Rich women wanting sex lady at Kansas City, although the two don't always overlap. Sometimes overlaps with Coattail-Riding Relative. There's also a degree of overlap with The Schlub Pub Seduction Deductionwhen an unattractive guy is unable to figure out that the hot woman is only coming on to him for ulterior motives. The cardinal sin of the Gold Digger, to no one's surprise, is Greedthough Lust and Gluttony of the materialistic variety also figure in.

For the opposite type of character, who definitely does not want the rich beau's money, see Not with Them for the Money. Contrast Marry for Love. A gold digger is almost never a Housewife. While both of them wnating home, the gold digger has expensive tastes and refuses to dirty her hands.

The medway towns nice pussy and family are almost never part of her priorities, mostly because they would distract her from her life of luxury; though a divorcing gold digger will use the kids as bargaining chips to gain as much money as possible often seeking to be the custodial parent without regard for the children's best interests and often without Rich women wanting sex lady at Kansas City real affection for the children.

The Housewife on the other hand, even though she may live off her husband's paycheck, will concern herself with running the home and raising the kids, money and luxury usually not being in her repertoire other than as byproducts.

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For the comic book series, see Gold Digger. For the people who make a living actually digging up gold, see Prospector.

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Yeah, she's a triflin' friend indeed. Oh, she's a gold digger way over town That digs on me. Jamie Foxx"Gold Digger". In the Netflix adaptation, the protagonist, Retsuko, becomes a rather sympathetic version of this.

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She hates her job, and desperately wants to get out of it, after talking with her co-worker Haida, who says that if they were married, he would like for both to keep working as he doesn't make enough to sustain both and they could motivate each Cithshe decided she needs to marry a rich guy for this to work. She eventually grows out of it though. Itazura Na Kiss - Marina Shinagawa.

Obituaries | Airdrie Echo

The only reason she went to nursing school was so that she could find a rich doctor to marry. Eva Heinemann of Monster before she went completely into her cups.

In a subversion she's extremely wealthy and genuinely wants companionship from Tenma. The only reason she goes after rich guys is because poor people are beneath her.

Subverted in Hana Yori Dango.

One of the reasons why Tsukushi Makino attends the very elite Eitoku Academy school is her parents' wish to have her marrying a rich guy who'll pull them out of their Perpetual Poverty. Tsukushi, however, is a Tsundere Plucky Girl who will have none of it, engaging ladt Slap-Slap-Kiss dynamics with the male lead Tsukasa. Berserk - Griffith's courtship of princess Charlotte is solely so that he'll gain a kingdom by marrying her. Pig Bride - Doe Doe Eun from the manhwa. She's a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who plays to the male lead's preference for unthreatening women so she can marry up in society.

Late in the story, we learn Her birth mother actually got her adopted by an upper-class family so that Doe Doe could then marry very well. Fruits Basket - Kimi Toudou. Possibly one of the llady good-natured examples of Rlch trope, as she uses her wiles to 'earn' the Student Council needed Rich women wanting sex lady at Kansas City and perks in addition to lary for herself.

Often she's trying to wile out of them the same treasure that Lupin is trying wojen steal. She often pulls this on Lupin himself to boot, and most of the time he lets her get away with it, saying that betrayal is a privilege reserved for women. A couple of times though he's had enough of her and left her Rich women wanting sex lady at Kansas City the dust for Inspector Zenigata. She uses Attract to make Pokemon fall in Love to chat in Wilmington Delaware with her, then takes their apples for herself.

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Ash's Oshawott Hot fuck in alice springs has a crush on her without Attract, so she easily manipulates wo,en and pretty much many of the other male Pokemon. Unfortunately for her, she has to deal with Ash's female Snivy to get what she wants nowadays since they're usually sent out at the same time.

One of the Kanxas Emblem Seisen no Keifu mangas has Patty, the local thief in Generation 2, as this, playing it completely for the lulz. She ends up falling in love with the a poor guy, though: Nabiki is going on a date with a boy whose face is pixellated apparently for his dignityhaving him pay for a bunch of expenses in Rich women wanting sex lady at Kansas City date including jewelry, a movie ticket and a Cjty meal.

When the date is over, Nabiki tells the boy they should break up and then sells him back copies of his Love Letter. Skyhigh - A hideous man kills his girlfriend because he thinks she was after only his money.

Transformers Cybertron Thunderblast is a power-digger.

Looking Man Rich women wanting sex lady at Kansas City

She flirts first with Starscream and then with Megatron, pursuing wahting for their prestige and strength. Not that they notice or care beyond using her for their dirty work Interestingly, Thunderblast is powerful enough to carve out her own path, but prefers to be a digger hanging off of someone else because that way she's Riich the one wearing a bulls-eye. Subverted because he did genuinely love Nadeshiko, and she genuinely loved him; money actually didn't factor in at all.

They did marry, although Nadeshiko was disowned and her cousin Sonomi still vehemently resents Fujitaka ; Nadeshiko started working as a succesful wantiny, Fujitaka continued his teacher work, and the two lived their lives happily with their kids in a small but cozy apartment. The Big Fancy House is much more recent.

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In LadyGeorge is being pressured into becoming this via marrying a minor noblewoman from a VERY rich family so he can use her money to pay his debts. The filler character Marron from Ladg Ball Z is implied to be this in the original series, and ultimately leaves her boyfriend Krillin.

In Dragon Ball Z Abridgedhowever, she admits to being one immediately after Krillin gives her evidence that he's committed insurance fraud. Subverted with Ursula from Anatolia Story. She ladyy as a Rich Bitch and a fake Ishtar under Nakia's orders and tries to seduce Kail to live a life of luxury.

But when Kail is not fooled, unmasks her and then asks her why did she even bother when she knew she'd be found out Ursula breaks down crying and not only admits her deeds, but reveals her Dark and Troubled Past as a poor orphan desperate to have a bit of wealth for once in her life. She's then forgiven by Kail, becomes one of his girlfriend Yuri's ladies-in-waiting, falls in love with Kail's bodyguard Kash In Dame na Watashi ni Koisite KudasaiMichiko's first "boyfriend" seems to be more interested in getting Monterrey women to fuck and money from Rich women wanting sex lady at Kansas City than an actual relationship.

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She ends up dumping Bermuda fuck buddy after he admits to be this trope. Usagi's motivation for being Sophie's manager in PriPara. He rides on Sophie's stardom just so he can get some for himself. He even sees Sophie as useless without her pickled plums.

The main character of Yurika's Campus Life is this. Due to her father's debts, she is left womdn no money and no place to stay other than the campus of the women's university she's enrolled in.

She takes on a Gold Digger life by seducing and having sex Rich women wanting sex lady at Kansas City rich students, making them give her money, food and a soft bed to sleep in. Kanako openly admits that this is the reason she married her husband, a much older wealthy man.

She claims that he is well-aware that she does not love him, and is fine with the relationship as-is:

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