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On May 6th,he ended up receiving the distinguished flying cross for a single mission providing FAC support at Lai khe. He would have been supporting the US division, not Team I was with Team 70 when we moved in.

I often wonder about SGM Potratz. I took many a step with on LT Carlile. Unfortunately he was seriously wounded just ten days after I received a direct appointment to Warrant Officer so I never saw him again until a Reunion in St. He Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown thank goodness.

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Does anybody happen to remember a Sgt Horn. He was visiting our team leader.

Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown I served with Daddy Coy Arkansas fuck Horn on tm 91at Pho hoa dong at the end of my tour he was a great guy very bright he come from first air cab Larry eagenl.

Hello, Any veterans remember an engagement that took place 19 March I am trying to identify an advisor that was on that operation. He was on a neighboring team, we chummed around together a bit. Larry spoke of going to PTQ at some point. It seems Larry was on Team 90 Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown well if my memory serves.

When we got back to PTQ it was in shambles. At one time point our call sign was Sampson Scooper 4. Larry might be your man. Eric, the village might be Thanh wa, spelling?

Major Pruitt got them rolling, and we were on for night operations. Major Pruitt did an excellent job of motivating. Charlie had free reign.

Soooo, Maj Pruitt got his counterpart to assemble a trust worthy looklng to pay a visit to the village at night. Pruitt and I accompanied them. Chalie got caught completely by surprise, pants down Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown plenty chilled out.

Was a huge success. Those ARVN soldiers showed their metal.

Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown

I find it a shame that the U S government sold the South Nsw out. I had the pleasure of getting to know a lot of terrific soldiers and some civilians. My husband James P Simmons was a forward air controller at phi loi from sept to Sept Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown He was a staff sergeant at the time in the USAF.

Looked young and boyish. I have some pictures can share.

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Sorry I might remember faces I was at team 95 and team 70 during that time but with time in have lost the memory of names. I remember the compound of both. Time has taken almost all of the names from me.

I think he was a danged Any go fast girls want to pnp soldier. He had to have four antennas on his my track and I Hummelstowwn never talk him out of them. Palmer who left for grad school at Duke.

He retired to Texas Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown three stars. One of my NCOs there were only two was named Tedrick a good ole boy. We had an Infantry advisory Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown in the compound as well. One of the advisers was a Black captain who had served in Korea like me but had to be lifted out because of a bleeding ulcer.

I retired on 1 Mar 76 with 25 years. Do you remember the III core operation Nov ?

Team 70 ARVN 5th Infantry Division | MACV Teams

My team of three had no radios or maps so we depended on our counterparts for any and all info. C-rats impossible to get, but they were for sale on the street in Saigon. We would often go out on short notice and stay anywhere from a day to a week or more. The jaunts were mostly into the Michelin rubber. When we finally got around to it about naturally we had to stop for rice and a siesta we lost a few more PCs, one or two with no Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown, a few others with only one.

I later learned that he was killed on his third or Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown tour.

He was a good soldier and a great medic. He would often go into the nearby village alone to try to help a suffering native.

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At least that is what I have been told. Nguyen Van Thieu too, when he commanded the 5th Division. Often said good morning to Hummmelstown in Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown hallway. My father served on team I grew up hearing stories of Zippo. He was a legend to me as Phoenix arizona swinger clubs child. Do you know if he ever got his book out?

Several vets I know including myself would be anxious to read it. I am reading a book right now about the battle of An Loc. It is very intense reading.

John Paul Vann is legendary. Walt Rostow, a hawkish advisor to President Johnson, once asked Vann is he thought the US would be past the worst of it in 6 months. But I never heard of Zippo nor know anything about him.

Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown Look For Nsa

I served with Zippo. I rotated back to the states about a week before thst got overan and captured at Loc Ninh.

Al — not only are your looks wlfe with old age but your memory is shot to hell too. I dropped you and Frank Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown in Saigon on 6 April where we spent the night saving souls from hell down on Tudo Street. I returned to Lai Khe on 7 April for two nights, returning to Saigon on the 9th.

You and Frank flew out on the 10th and I flew out on the 12th. The brigade Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown and XO did not like it when he would call me SGT E-5 into his office and kick them out, relating to me time and again everything that happened after we wiff.

The third time General Hollingsworth gave CSM Berry a nose-to-nose direct order to put him on the plane and wait until it took off. They had seven bodies lined up at the edge of the road under ponchos.

He was scared to death and I doubt that he ever went Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown to Lai Khe. He was held with Ken and Wwife in the jungle.

He bought his waterside dream house in Washington State and unexpectedly Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown away shortly thereafter. Thank you for the info on Maj. The years have put a strain on my memory. So glad Moshannon PA housewives personals know you are still on the green side of the grass. I retired as Port Hope horny chat 1ST Sargent in Did you get your book about An Loc published?

I would really like to read it.

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I was with Team 70 in and Team 91 in I went home just before the Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown started and am really interested in what happened. I know you are very proud of your Father!

You are welcome to Friend me on Facebook and view my Vietnam photo album. Carl, thank you nea this new information. I am old school only 54 but I am not a face book guy.

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Would like to hear more, especially from comrades that were with him during that time on this weekend of remembrance. I was in ben cat sept 67 to dec 69, was there during tet a night ill never for getwith 1st div arty Sex Eugene Oregon to team. Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown know you Carl. I was light weapons advisor and RTO with Team Worked with the 7th and 8th Regiment in Was at Ben Cat Christmas of There was a red headed Lt from Omaha but dont Sweet wife looking nsa Hummelstown his name.

I think he worked with a local orphanage or resettlement camp near BC. Found this Page while doing memoir research.