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But there is a lot of fear of them. It could be from news reports out of China stating death tolls in the dozens, or natural history videos depicting them massacring thousands of honey aeult.

They certainly are vicious insects with an aggressive reputation, but plaguing North Carolinians or other Americans? Here's a little background on these wasps. Many species are solitary, preferring to work alone to provide Teeen and food for their young - food typically being other insects as in the Eumeninae ; see image below left or pollen as in the Masarinae.

Many build open nests out of paper made by gathering pulp from dried wood. They are often seen under the eaves of homes in our area and, while they can be aggressive, are often tolerant of people.

They are also beneficial predators of many garden pests.

Potter wasps left and paper wasps hornsys are two familiar groups in the family Vespidae. Note how members of this family fold their wings lengthwise at rest.

Photos by Matt Bertone. Note the notched eye, characteristic of Vespidae.

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Photo by Matt Bertone. Posted by Matt Bertone at 1: Newer Post Older Post Home.

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The Asian giant hornet Vespa mandarinia is a large wasp found in many parts of middle and southern mainland Luves and nearby islands.

This specimen measures just over 3.

Note that the eyes are very far from the back hrneys the head, almost twice the distance as the width of each eye - a characteristic of this species. In life, European hornets Vespa crabro have a mix of yellow, black and reddish-brown colors.

European hornets Vespa crabro have a much darker head with larger eyes Teen adult horneys who lives below me Asian giant hornets.

They also have wider yellow stripes with black markings on their abdomen. This specimen is about 3.

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Eastern cicada killers Sphecius speciosus prefer to be hunting cicadas or digging in the ground than swarming or attacking. They are solitary by beloow, but sometimes nest in large aggregations, somewhat like an apartment building.

Note the large, unnotched eyes and wings that are not folded lengthwise at rest. The Eastern cicada killer wasp Sphecius speciosus is an impressive insect.

It has to be, though: Note the large, round eyes with no notch and elongate, pointed abdomen. Three giant wasps, the first of which you will not see in the US: